Sara Coutant

how to live a wild life

I am originally from Rochester, NY, and love creating content that inspires people to go out and have an adventure. I am an indie singer/songwriter and recording artist. I currently have 5 singles out and am always working on new projects, including an upcoming EP. I aim to bring people wild inspiration through my music that would make them want to go explore, take advantage of the day they have in front of them, and ultimately point them to their creator.


Aside from music, I am a content creator and social media coordinator. I work to create quality materials for businesses to boost sales, as well as help individuals with their personal brand.


 I love thrift-shopping, experimenting with different fashion trends, decorating my home, traveling, and writing. And the most important thing to me is my faith in Jesus Christ.

Hey friend, I'm Sara.

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Producing and recording with Sara has been nothing short of an amazing experience. Sara always comes to the studio prepared and she’s incredibly easy to work with. She’s never afraid to try something new or do something to push her musical boundaries. Along with her songwriting skills, she holds one of the purest voices I’ve had the pleasure of recording. I’m excited to see her artistry grow as her music is introduced to the world.

— Marshall Manuel, Producer

Marble Surface
"Working with Sara is always a pleasure. As an artist, she settles in a place that isn't afraid to be truly vulnerable, and that isn't so easy to find in everyone. Not only does this make her music comforting and relatable, but it says a lot about who she is as a person. She is such a lovely girl through and through. I'm honored to have worked with her."

- Grace Serene,